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“I paired them with a back necklace that draped into the opening of my dress, and my wedding band is a set of baguettes that hugs my engagement ring perfectly.”When the Guinness family acquired Ashford Castle in the 1800s, they planted an amazing forest to hunt woodcock.

“We created a pathway illuminated with lanterns and candles, filled with fun surprises along the way: two bars, a fairy on a swing, a fairy playing a lute, and a monk fishing in the ruins of a hut where the monks from Cong Abbey fished,” says Michelle.

“We went for really organic elements to highlight the natural beauty of the space—lots of wildflowers, candles, moss, and unfinished wood.” The weekend kicked off with a high tea for the ladies—all of the women wore hats. Afterward, everyone met on the lawn to practice archery and falconry lessons.

On day two, the couple hosted a Moroccan-themed picnic in one of the gardens.

We made two pairs, one nude with a snake motif and the other, a matte gold pair that matched the Oscar de la Renta dress perfectly.” She designed all of her jewelry and both wedding bands.

“I created trillion diamond earrings that have a moving back and catch the light beautifully,” she says.

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“It was Christmas Eve in New York, and we were planning a date night out at the Italian restaurant Marea,” remembers Michelle. He took the box from me, got down on his knee, and asked if I would marry him.

“We were very fortunate, as Irish weather is generally gray and rainy.

The morning of our first event, the clouds broke and the sun was shining, and we had warm, clear skies until about a.m.

I was lucky enough to meet Brian Atwood at my friend’s wedding a few weeks prior.

He is so kind and offered to make me custom wedding shoes in record time.

They started with Ashford Castle in Ireland, which was once owned by the Guinness family.