Validating xml document in c

19-Oct-2017 14:18

In this case, if you validate the XSLT module by itself, you will get an error that no template or variable exists with that name.

However, you can use custom validation scenarios in Oxygen to validate the master XSLT stylesheet that includes this module and there will be no such error.

At the bottom of the editing area, a message is displayed that describes the error that is closest to the cursor position.

The location of errors, including those that are generated by continuous validation, are marked in-place with an underline.

Working with large projects or a vast number of files increases the probability that errors will occur.

Identifying and resolving errors in your project can be time consuming and frustrating.

Fortunately, Oxygen provides functions that make error identification fast and easy.

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Therefore, you can easily check to see that your schema will work no matter what processor is used.

Some XML technologies are complicated, as is the case with XML Schema or XSLT processors.