Updating trial verson to vlk license

24-Nov-2017 10:52

See here for instructions on how to find your license key from within the software. To view instructions regarding how to unlock your license, please visit the links below.If you are unable to retrieve your key through any of the above options, please contact our Customer Service Department or call us at 1.800.517.2300 x636 (toll free U. Snagit (Windows): https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/208716647-Snagit-Windows-Entering-Your-License-Key Snagit (Mac): https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/208716357-Snagit-Mac-Entering-Your-License-Key Camtasia Studio for Windows: https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/208716747-Camtasia-Windows-Entering-Your-License-Key Camtasia for Mac: https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/208020448-Camtasia-Mac-Entering-Your-License-Key These all refer to the same code that you must enter to license the software.As of December 8, 2015, Tech Smith now offers Backup Discs which do not come with software keys.The Backup Disc contains the installation files for your program.You can choose to deploy File Maker Server components across one or two machines that work together to form a single File Maker Server deployment.You must have a unique license key or obtain a volume license for more than one deployment.When you need to unlock your installed program, refer to your receipt for your software key (see above).

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Make sure to download the version of the software that the license key is valid for.

In Windows Vista or 7 you may have to exit the program completely, then right click on the shortcut icon and select Run as Administrator.

File Maker software comes with a unique, 35-character license key. We recommend that you keep the license key in a safe place in case the software ever needs to be reinstalled. If the license key is invalid or if another copy of the software installed with that same license key is running on the network, the File Maker Server software displays an error message and does not start.

If your computer crashes or you get a new machine, you can reinstall the version that you purchased, as long as you don’t have the program installed on more than 2 computers at a time.

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If needed, you can re-download the same version and look up your software key.Make sure the key you are using is for the version of the software you installed. To see if you qualify for a free upgrade, please visit our Upgrade Center.