Updating tiers

08-Dec-2017 17:12

For additional details about the Standard tier pricing, visit the Azure Web sites pricing page. With the introduction of the Basic pricing tier, Azure Web Sites reduce the costs to production.

With that said, you might be asking yourself “which one is right tier for me?

” To make things simple, here are the main differences and properties: A quick note about Shared pricing tier: When using Shared web sites, you are being charged per site and per instances.

A Shared site costs less than a Basic site, but both the Basic and Standard pricing tier offer a dedicated Virtual Machines, on which you can run as many web sites as the Virtual Machine can handle (mostly constrained by memory), and all the same price.

I'll take some time and think about what I can and am willing to spend, then probably use the paypal system.

No worries, your standard sites will remain in standard.

If you do try and go through Paypal to update your pledge reward email them about it.

Include your username for Kickstarter (a link to your profile if you can), and also the Confirmation and Reference Number of the Paypal email for what you pledged.

Well, they may have went over their goals, but they still have to pay out the fees associated with Kickstarter and Paypal.

I don't know off the top of my head how much of a chunk they will take, but any amount now will still benefit the development in the long run.

They 'should' be able to verify both and hopefully give you the tier for the pledge you want.