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23-Jan-2018 08:08

Early in 2007, Inman decided to create a free dating website called Mingle2.

In order to drive traffic to the site, Inman began creating web comics and quizzes with names like, “The 8 Phases of Dating” . Before long, Mingle2 had attracted a huge user base and was winning the search ranking war against established sites like e Harmony and

In a five minute Ignite Speech, Inman gave a some simple advice on how he creates the content that had five million people reading his website per month before it was even a year old.

Here it is in bullet points: “I will come up with an idea that I want to write about, say unicorns or ctl z, and then, I’ll think about it, and think about it.

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That income would come from his next monetization strategy.Global Alexa Rank: 2,071 Approximate Yearly Income: 0,000.