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24-Nov-2017 13:14

one thing i know to be true: people can make their mouths say anything; doesn't have to be true!

I'm just saying, this is not a joke, life is not a big play pen to exchange juices with everyone and everybody, gay or straight, we are past it being a gay thing people.

Jay saw all the drama that this outside child caused and he is already paying 1 lady off about their son in Trinidad and he was damn sure not gonna let that happen again!!!

And alot of married women turn the blind eye on their man's cheating so Tina knew and hell for all ya'll know--- she may have a man and has had 1 for years!!!!

But is she just telling fictional tales to get more money?

Actually you need a whole lot more than just weave 'cause you totally suck!!

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old saying: believe little of what you see, NOTHING of what you hear!!Jailbird Johnny: Johnny is sent to a women's prison.