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Even if a serial number badge does exist on a drum anomalies do occur and that is because the badges did not have an inventory control system.A more historical perspective and history of this practice was documented by Vintage Drum Center and can be read here.Fortunately drum companies since the 40's were good at printing catalogs.Earlier catalog examples do exist, but are rare and expensive to acquire.

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Many of the cables feature integrated electronics assemblies featuring FTDI ICs providing simple easy-to-use connectivity for many USB conversion applications.

Here is the dating guide for 60's and 70's Ludwig Drums.

The Ludwig Book is invaluable to me as a collector and I strongly suggest you consider buying all of Rob's Books!

If you have this badge you can't use the serial number guides below.

Click Here historian Rob Cook also a personal friend has an excellent book about ludwig drums you can find by visiting his web site.

His books are a complete guide and offers more insight then these tables.