Russian mens thought on dating

21-Oct-2017 05:51

Maybe Russian women got all these rights on top of overly heavy responsibilities.

That’s why since the 80's this holiday has been transformed from the feminist’s day to the purely anti-feminist's day, when all women reconnect with their feminine side and expect to get flowers, sweets, compliments and gifts.

All people are expected to congratulate their mothers and grandmothers.

Children make handmade gifts — often flowers made of different materials — and give them to their moms.

If you call 8th of March the Day of the Matriarch, you wouldn't be VERY far from the truth.

The other semi-official name of this day is Mother’s Day.

If you’re female, you’ll get them from your colleagues, classmates and even neighbours.

The third option is military-like clothes and toys.

NEVER give champaigne unless you are asked to do it clearly and directly.

A traditional gift for the 8th of March is flowers and sweets.

Now the socks tradition is enriched with new gift options, such as a case of socks (enough to last a year) and even a tank made of socks.

Another safe option is a set of shower gel and deodorant and/or shampoo and aftershave.If Russians have two New Years (read more about it in our Idiot’s Guide to the Russian New Year), what can stop them to have two Valentine’s Days? Russians do things in a big way, so they have Men’s Day and Women’s Day, and celebrate them within days of each other so no-one gets left out.

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