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Gretchen blogs with The Enchanted Inkpot and is a founding member of the vlog group the YARebels where she can be seen as “Monday.” She is repped by Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown, Ltd. JONATHAN MABERRY: I’m surprised you didn’t mention spiders. Are your adult fears the same things that scared you as a kid? GRETCHEN Mc NEIL: Other than Christopher Pike and Lois Duncan, there really wasn’t a strong horror genre for teens.GRETCHEN Mc NEIL: As an adult, I’ve added certain “real life” issues to that list, such as swimsuit shopping, fanny packs, an IRS audit and, weirdly, hairy toes. And yet every single teen I knew was absolutely addicted to both of those authors, and by high school, we’d all branched out to reading adult horror like Stephen King and Dean Koonz.He is the founder of the Writers Coffeehouse, and co-founder of The Liars Club.Jonathan lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sara Jo and a fierce little dog named Rosie.Welcome back to SCARY OUT THERE, the Horror Writers Association’s new blog on scary fiction for teens.JONATHAN MABERRY: My guest this week Gretchen Mc Neil who is one of those ‘does it all’ people. Her YA horror novels include POSSESS, TEN, and (debuting this fall from Balzer Bray).You probably talk to friends way more than you talk to your parents. Even if you and your parents have a great relationship, you want to find your own path and make your own choices. Chatting with parents every day not only keeps an existing relationship strong, it also can help a frayed relationship get stronger.Still, most of us want a parent's help, advice, and support at times. Talking to the adults in your life about everyday stuff builds a bond that can smooth the way for when you need to discuss something more serious. When parents feel connected to your daily life, they can be there for you if something really important comes up.

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Allpoetry lets you have fun and improve at the same time.Or, in my case, Victorian ghost stories (my personal favorite). GRETCHEN Mc NEIL: In retrospect, some of the more adult story lines in horror written specifically for adults might have been beyond what I’d write for a 15 year old teen audience.

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