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Moreover, on 31 July 1849, the Republic was surrounded by the Austrian and Papal armies since San Marino had given shelter to Garibaldi, who was escaping with its army of about 2,000 people after the fall of the Roman Republic.

Negotiations were immediately started to solve this delicate issue, but Garibaldi decided to flee at night from San Marino with a few very faithful soldiers.

Marino lived here, surrounded by people attracted by his charisma, until his death in 301 A. He received Mount Titano as a gift from the legitimate owner, in favour of whom he had performed a miracle and subsequently he bequeathed it to those who had lived around him.

Hence the mythical foundation of the Republic, which, still today, coincides with Saint Marino’s death year.

The main coalition party ruled out adoption rights for same-sex couples while an opposition party included them in their draft.

The center-left coalition partner has said that it is open to the idea of same-sex parenting and may bring the issue of stepchild adoption to a fourth proposal. There have never been public debates or conventions concerning LGBT rights by political figures or by the media.

In fact, the territory, on which the San Marino society subsequently consolidated, was under the political control of the Pope and of the Bishop of Montefeltro.

Only staring from the late 13th century, during the Age of the Commune, San Marino citizens started to slowly free themselves from this dominion, by developing their own statutes, judiciary and political bodies able to autonomously manage the community.

Indeed, in this year, San Marino received some villages and Castles as a reward for having contributed to the defeat of the army of Sigismondo Malatesta, who, at that time, was at war with the Pope.

C., a divinity was worshipped, which was thought to have thaumaturgic powers.

The community, from which the State of San Marino subsequently originated, consolidated during the late Middle Ages, probably around a monastery, which had been built on Mount Titano already in the 6th century B. The legendary origin of the San Marino society is instead connected with the arrival on Mount Titano of a Saint Man, Marino, coming from the island of Rab, Dalmatia. D., Marino arrived in Rimini to work as a stonecutter and subsequently he decided to move to Mount Titano to live as a hermit.

However, these attempts were unsuccessful and had no relevant consequences.

During the early 1600s, the Duchy of Urbino became part of the Papal State.In September 2004, Article 274 of the San Marinese Penal Code was repealed by Law No. Under this article homosexual contacts could be punished with imprisonment from 3 months up to one year, if they had been engaged in "habitually" and thereby caused "public scandal".

Bertholet, whose collection of Chinese erotic art is the world's largest with around 500 pieces, told AFP that such explicitness should not be considered crude or pornographic, instead representing harmony with the Taoist philosophy that thrived in China before the communists took power and the chaos of the Cultural Revolution.… continue reading »

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