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One night around dinnertime, Kruse Wellwood sent an instant message to Kim Proctor. He lived in a bungalow with his mother on Happy Valley Road, a leafy street in the small town of Langford, British Columbia. She loved cats so much that, when she was young, she wore cat ears to school. Kids teased her about her cat ears, meowing at her in class, and never let up as the years went on.

On this evening, as on so many others, he was hanging out with his best friend, Cameron Moffat, a burly 17-year-old goth. “She was bullied throughout her life,” her mother recalls. She would panic navigating the swarm of students in the hallways at school.

Photos: Teacher gets prison time for having sex with 8th-grader During the prosecution’s chance to question Lawson other darker details were revealed.

It's not the first time it has happened, but there's certainly a wide range of sentences for a crime that's on the rise."It's very strong, it's a very good first step,” said Terry Abbott, former Chief of Staff at the U. According to the Texas Education Agency, there were 222 similar cases just last year. New Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg says sex crimes cases like these will be one of her top priorities.

She plans to assign senior prosecutors to these cases and give them even more specialized training.

HOUSTON – The Stovall Middle School teacher who got pregnant by her eighth-grade student was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday.

Judge Mc Spadden told Alexandria Vera this case will serve as an example to deter other teachers from crossing inappropriate boundaries.“We want our teachers to educate our children, to keep their hands off our children, to prepare them for the future," Judge Mc Spadden said.

At the sentencing hearing on Friday, the defense called a Dr.

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