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In 2004, Siegler got her first look at the case against David Temple for his wife’s murder.

It was more than five years after the crime, and nobody had been arrested.

“48 Hours” has been covering this case since 2007, when Temple was found guilty of murder.“David Temple was convicted after a six-week trial by a fair and impartial jury,” Kelly Siegler told Richard Schlesinger in 2015. for executing his wife and unborn child.” “The last murder case I handled here in Harris County was the David Temple case,” said Siegler, who was a Harris County prosecutor for 21 years. “And the facts of the case were just so different and horrible.”“I do not believe David Temple got a fair trial, no person with eyes and ears and half a brain can say David Temple got a fair trial,” said Temple’s appeals attorney Casie Gotro in 2015. David Temple served nine years in prison for the murder of his wife, Belinda.

“Dick De Guerin was the trial lawyer for David Temple,” Gotro continued. She was eight months pregnant, and he has always denied having anything to do with her death.“It’s just a long process of -- having to go through that and spend 3,000-plus days in prison for something that you didn’t commit, finally just to take another step to being free where I’m at today and just to work day by day of having my name cleared once and for all,” Temple told Richard Schlesinger.

They are seen on surveillance tape.“We stopped got two drinks and I picked up a bag of cat food,” Temple said in 2007. “Took my son across the street and banged on my friend’s house and handed them Evan and asked if they would call 911.”Temple told police he had no idea what had happened, but, as is routine, the police were sizing him up.“Usually you go to the closest people.

Temple said Belinda was home after school that afternoon, while he took Evan out to run some errands.” Schlesinger asked.“Because I did not kill my wife, plain and simple,” said Temple.But there was nothing plain and simple about this case -- especially because one of Temple’s neighbors had had run-ins with Belinda before and he had lied about his whereabouts on the day she was shot to death.“I think the thing that makes this case so well known here in Harris County is because of the way Belinda was killed,” said Kelly Siegler.There were no signs that Temple had cleaned up: no glass or blood found in his truck.

And despite an exhaustive search, police never found a shotgun that connected to David Temple.“There is no evidence that points towards me, because it’s impossible for there to be any,” said Temple.“Because?Holtke added, “The TV was down on the floor, but it’s not unplugged.